This year, give a gift close to your heart.

Often seniors served through the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging need just a little extra help to maintain their quality of life in the home.

Where does your donation go?
$10.00: Could provide emergency funds for a prescription

$25.00: Could provide emergency food replacement after an electrical outage

$50.00: Could replace a broken microwave, necessary for home-delivered meals

$100: Could provide a home repair essential for safety and health

Examples of funds used in 2012/2013:

Swimsuit for prescribed water therapy: $11.98

Emergency case of Ensure: $19.99

Room (Baby) Monitor: $27.91
for caregiver to be able to hear consumer with dementia

Bedding: $39.38

Microwave: $46.00

Lift Chair Repair: $80.00

Gas Line Repair: $362.00

"There are multiple people I see who have come from homeless shelters and have no income and no means to buy personal care/cleaning items. It was a pleasure to be able to provide these items to residents who are starting up once again in their lives." - Cathy, COAAA social worker

Please send donations via Pay Pal or mail to:

Aging Solutions
Phil Rollins, Treasurer
174 East Long Street Columbus, Ohio 43215

Board Members

Jerry Borin

Kevin Craine, Esq.

Mary Donahue

Dr. Jerome Driesen

Alicia Lein

Phillip Rollins

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